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Five Top Tips when Choosing a Facial Aesthetics Clinic

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

If you are looking to have dermal fillers or anti wrinkle injections (botox) done, finding the right clinic to do your treatment can be confusing! There are lots of excellent aesthetic providers out there but unfortunately there are many more unqualified cowboys who are not safe to do your treatments.

Here are some top tips to find a good facial aesthetic provider!

1. Check their qualifications.

Dermal fillers can be provided by literally anyone! This is currently an unregulated market and thus it is totally legal to be done by anyone who fancies it - qualified or not. Here at Tweak we advise you go to a medically qualified professional. This can be a doctor, dentist or a nurse. This is important because botox and dermal fillers are medical grade procedures not beauty treatments and can have serious complications if done by a novice injector. A deep understanding of anatomy and material science is compulsory for any injector and this simply cannot be learned effectively without a medical background.

Although you can't tell if someone is a good injector just by checking their qualifications, you know a medical professional will have the required knowledge, appropriate registrations / insurance and the infection control to ensure a safe treatment.

2. Ask about their experience.

Don't be shy to ask how many times the injector has done lip fillers or botox before. You need to feel comfortable that you are in the hands of someone who is suitably experienced and usually a medical professional would have no problem answering these kinds of questions.

You can also check their website and social media to give you an idea of how many cases they might have done and how long they have been practicing. Remember to be critical when looking at photos - watch out for edited photos or excessive filters.

3. Read reviews and testimonials.

Reviews are a great way to assess if previous clients are happy with their treatments. Google reviews are reliable but see if the clinic uses another review platform like Trustpilot. These review platforms are verified and are regularly checked in order to identify and delete fake reviews.

4. Cheaper is not better! You get what you pay for!

We believe pricing must always be competitive however this should not be the main deciding factor when choosing where to get your treatment. Reputable clinics will use better quality products and will of course value their skill at a higher amount than unqualified injectors. Remember if you are trusting someone with your beautiful face - please do not just go for the cheapest option!

5. Go with your gut!

You know when a personal interaction just does not feel right - you get that gut feeling don't you? Don't ignore this feeling just because you think you are visiting a professional for treatment. A good clinician should make you feel welcome, listen to your needs and offer you advice and solutions that match up to your expectations. If you feel as though this is not the case - remember you can always decline treatment. Do not ever feel pressured into having treatment. This is your right as a client!

Here at Tweak Facial Aesthetics our injectors are fully qualified medical professionals. We have years of experience treating client's faces and our reviews will tell you how happy our clients are! If you decide to get your treatment elsewhere that is totally fine but we want you to use our top tips above to ensure you are in safe hands.

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