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As we age, we lose volume that supports the soft tissues on our face, causing downward drooping of the mid and lower face. By replacing lost volume in the cheeks, we can lift the face up and improve the appearance of the mid and lower face. With this safe and effective treatment we can help with the reduction of nasiolabial lines and  cheekbone contour.


A cannula can be used to ensure safe and accurate administration of the filler. We start the treatment with 1-2ml between both sides of the face and additional filler can be built up in stages if required.

Product: Belotero / Teosyal / Juvederm

Anaesthesia: Optional

Pain level: Minimal 

Price: From £250

Treatment time: 30 minutes

Recovery time: No downtime

Results: Immediate. 7 days for accurate final result

Lasts: 6-18 months (product depedant)


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