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Microneedling is a great treatment targeting many different skin conditions and suitable for all skin types. From improving texture and scar reduction to minimising fine lines and wrinkles, this wonderful treatment is a natural way to trigger the wound healing process and improve cell turnover in the skin. It increasing collagen and elastin in the skin for long term rejuvenation. Repeating microneedling after 8 weeks optimises results. 

At TWEAK Facial Aesthetics we use a medical grade microneedling device which gives a safer and more predictable result based on your skin needs.

Microneedling can be used in combination with Alumier M.D. peel or as part of GFIT (using growth factors for a supercharged result).

Anaesthesia: Topical

Pain level: Minimal

Price: From £250

Treatment time: 60 minutes

Recovery time: 1 day

Results: Noticeable from 7 days, full affects 8 weeks

Lasts: long term but repeat treatments are advised every 8 weeks for optimum results.

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