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Nasiolabial lines are the lines running from your nose to mouth. These are often very normal and some people have them from childhood. However, as we get older these lines can deepen due to volume loss in the midface as well as sagging of tissues.


There are major blood vessels in this region so here at Tweak we always use a cannula (blunt ended applicator) to carry this treatment to ensure maximum safety. The aim of nasiolabial restoration is to soften the line by placing a small amount of dermal filler underneath the dermis of the skin. By ensuring we do not completely eliminate this line, we can provide beautiful natural results without looking too fake or heavy in the lower face.

Product: Belotero / Teosyal / Juvederm

Anaesthesia: Optional

Pain level: Minimal 

Price: From £250

Treatment time: 30 minutes

Recovery time: No downtime

Results: Immediate. 7 days for accurate final result

Lasts: 6-12 months (product depedant)


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