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HarmonyCa is the latest in hybrid injectables, brought to you by the makers of Juvederm. It combines the hydrating element of hyaluronic acid with biostimulator particles of calcium hydroxyapatite to help stimulate new collagen production. The hyaluronic acid gives an immediate lifting and plumping effect, without adding volume, whilst the calcium hydroxyapatite works over the following 9 months to create a scaffold of new collagen around the particles, which is there long after the product is gone. 

The product is placed along the side of the jawline and cheek, where we can use the product around the ligaments in your skin to tighten and lift the tissues. We used a cannula to gently disperse the product across your cheek and jawline to ge an even spread across the side of your face. The result is firmer, lifted skin with more highlight along the cheekbone and sharper jaw lines.   

We can improve: 

  • Crepey thin skin 

  • skin thickness and texture

  • Smile lines going across the cheek 

  • Definition of the cheekbone and jawline 

  • Jowls 

  • Nasolabial folds

  • Marionette lines 

Product: HarmonyCa

Anaesthesia: Topical 

Pain level: Minimal  

Price: £900

Treatment time: 45 mins

Recovery time: Minimal, may cause some bruising which can be covered with make up the following day. 

Results: Noticeable from 1 month, full effects can take 9 months to show. 

Lasts: 2-3 years 

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