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Whether its volumisation for that perfect pout you are looking for, or a natural enhancement of your lips, we can tailor the treatment according to your personal requirements. We use the best lip filler products such as Juvederm, Belotero and Teosyal administering them using safe techniques.  A numbing cream (topical anaesthetic) is applied beforehand or local anaesthesia injections can be administered to provide a pain-free experience. A typical dose is between 0.5ml - 1ml of filler for most clients but we always advise to build lips over multiple treatment sessions if you want a fuller pout!

Product: Juvederm / Restylane / Teosyal / Belotero

Anaesthesia: Topical cream or Injections

Pain level: Minimal 

Price: From £200

Treatment time: 30 minutes

Recovery time: 2-7 days (some swelling/bruising can occur)

Results: Immediate. 7 days for accurate final result

Lasts: 3-15 months (product depedant)


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